I am an artist, a mother, a wife, an entrepreneur...and truth be told, I am a hot mess who loves a little luxe in her life.


I believe in choosing to see beauty in every single person I meet.
I believe that being a daydreamer is a gift.
I believe in the kind of success not measured by bank accounts.
I believe I'm not successful unless I have the ability to GIVE. 
I believe that a great pair of shoes make you walk taller.
I believe that people are inherently good, until they're not.  
I believe in mermaids.
I believe that confidence is quiet and insecurities are very loud. 
I believe I'm most powerful when you feel smart, pretty and empowered.
I believe in underdogs. 
I believe my instincts are astutely powerful, if I enable them.
I believe I am often underestimated.
I believe dogs are angels. 
I believe freckles are divinity.
I believe in speaking softly and carrying a big stick.
I believe in very, very long naps.
I believe there's strength in sensitivity.
I believe in dangly earrings.
I believe if you have to show off, you probably have very little.
I believe Paul Newman was the handsomest man ever.
I believe in Karma, and she can be very entertaining.
I believe intelligence is sexy.
I believe comedy is sexy.
I believe showboating is the opposite of sexy.
I believe in the power of failure and glorious returns.
I believe that traveling keeps you alive.
I believe honesty is very expensive, trust is earned, and bad behavior has a no-return policy.
I believe people are like chapters in a book...You must re-read some to fully appreciate them while others you bring to the book bonfire.
I believe in hard work and easy play.
I believe anything is possible if I decide it is. 
I believe the most beautiful people in the world have no idea they are.
I believe that life is fine art.