Well, it's finally happened. I HAVE UPDATED THE BLOG.

Well, it's finally happened. I HAVE UPDATED THE BLOG.

I am not sure how many people exactly out there are professional bloggers, but I will say this... BLOGGING IS HARD. 

It's akin to a big party, where you walk into the room, and you don't know anyone. You're sweating wonder how to strike up a conversation or what topics to cover. You're not sure if you have anything in common with them, or they with you. You speak to a small group and you're not sure anyone is listening to you. Do they find you the least bit interesting, or attractive (Introvert soundtrack surging)? 

You are in your most fitted designer dress...but your mind is bursting at its seams wondering if the babysitter is OK with what feels like 27 kids you've left behind.

And did you forget to turn off the mf$%%^@ curling iron again? And OH...you forgot to send that email earlier today. 

Deep down, you know you are a polished hot mess, but you DO like to feel great. You DO like the great food, outside of the Costco aisle. AND DAMN THIS WINE IS SO GOOD. It reminds me of you of that trip to Italy.

OK, so back to the blogging, or party...

You stand by the bar, with DAMN GOOD vino in hand, just observing. Standing in your 4-inch toothpick heels with the extra ten pounds you've gained is olympian. But hey, these red bottomed beauties match your skin tone and they are svelte. SHOE POWER. 

Suddenly, all that party observing, (or blogging) turns productive. You begin to notice things around you and it gets really interesting.

Noticing things turns into sampling things... and you hit the cheese platter. 

Sampling things turns into enjoying things... You do the wine pairing they offered. 

And enjoying things makes your life richer...

You meet someone at the party who is enjoying all these things exactly as you do. You make acquaintance. You trade business cards. You connect. And then you connect the dots. Between vino, and cheese, and great dresses, and shoes, and the DJ spinning all your jams. And someone at this party is loving it, just like you.

I've always struggled with blogging. But lately, I've been paying closer attention to the things that make my life richer. And I realized blogging isn't so hard when you just observe and then go hit that cheese platter (sampling all life has to offer).

As a consultant and a boudoir photographer in New Jersey, I was meeting lots of people just like me. And I was meeting other business owners doing amazing things, that my friends needed to know about. I decided to get pregnant (NOOOO Not again for real)-- but with an idea to connect these things. From my birthplace in NYC to my home in New Jersey. 

I am NOT SO FANCY. I am a practical, hard working kind of woman. But I like nice, girly, luxe experiences in my life. And not all of these are "things" that money can buy. I am here to find them and tell you about them.

New Jersey, by the way, might seem like the funny place to find all this. But it's really not. It is a place so misconceived by outsiders...who often experience it through a smokestack from the cab's window en route to Newark airport. The Garden State I know is a wealth of amazing beauty, and laid back suburban lifestyle and...luxe. I am Cate, and I am out to show SophistiCATE NJ. 

Welcome to the party.