I’m pretty open about this, this S.A.D. thing I get…but decided it’s something worthy of a discussion here on my blog, as many clients and friends have told me that they suffer through the same.

For years, I couldn’t figure out why I felt sick in the winter months. Finally, after finally admitting to others about how down I was feeling, friends helped me realize it was S.A.D.; Eventually, a doctor confirmed this as well.

S.A.D., aptly named, is for Seasonal Affect Depression Disorder. It’s when your wintery lack of exposure to bright sunlight conflicts with the chemical receptors in the brain; making you feel somber, exhausted and maybe even depressed.

Also, during the dim winter light on the East Coast (as well as our Northern and Midwest neighbors), our Vitamin D levels drop significantly, causing not only mood shifts, but physiological symptoms too.

So, let me admit to you that these past two weeks, I’ve gone the full court press to be the victor over this thing:

  • THE HAPPY LIGHT - I made a purchase on Amazon Prime called THE HAPPY LIGHT. It is a daylight lamp to trick my eyes and brain into thinking about real sunshine (without massive tanning bed cancer risks)

  • YOGA

  • AERIAL YOGA - What better way to feel euphoria than to stretch and enjoy the sensation of flying? It releases endorphins, hell yes.

  • VITAMIN D - Up’d the ante on the Vitamin D, which I am now around 20,000 IU. Hopefully my body can absorb some of it to feel relief.

  • MEDITATION AND REIKI - I am a certified NJ Reiki healer, so I can clear my chakras of the negative blocks this winter infringes upon me.

  • BOOK SUNNY TRAVEL - Vegas business trip in February? Yes please.

And so, for the past 3 years or so, I’ve gone to battle with this thing. I do everything in mu power to fight it. And believe me— I do go to all lengths. Because, sleeping 14 hour days just isn’t — um, productive. Haha.

But, there’s a whole other piece of S.A.D. that may require some outside help. Maybe you’re not severe enough for medication (and by the way if you are, get a doctor’s help immediately). Instead, what I am referring to is the simple joy of feeling good about yourself. Taking self care and pride in YOU.

OK, yes …I do type this as I am un-showered today, wearing a hoodie without my hair brushed, and what seemed like a weeklong nap this afternoon. BUT — I CAN DO BETTER. WE ALL CAN DO BETTER. And I make a living knowing that when you look good, you feel good.

This is where a session at the studio comes in. NO, this is not me selling boudoir to you. This is ME, fully understanding the IMPACTS what we do has on our clients (both Female and Male) — have a photo shoot. It is a day to be groomed to their best self that day; doted upon; posed and stretched in the most beautiful of ways; told how TRULY spectacular they are and look; and admired for an entire day. Simply for no other reason than their existence. All facts.

Clients literally walk out on a high — with dopamine levels through the roof. It completely ‘turns on’ those dusty, latent brain receptors paralyzed by winter. And, it gives them that much needed energy boost — which keeps on going for days. Sometimes weeks.

They remember the feeling of how terrific it is to see their own BEST SELF. It sustains them long after the shoot. The visuals, whether viewed on their iphone or in an album, serve as this happy reinforcement. It affects their self image, their sensual life at home, and even their daily moods. This is proven, time and again. Each client, each year.

So when people tell me these winter months are too dreary for a photo shoot — I counter such a thought with the many stories of ‘Euphoric Success’ we enjoy here. This place, saturated with bright light, chocolate, champagne, makeup, laughter, sexiness, confidence, style, and ART. Basically, it is the absolute recipe for JOY.

As a bonus, I can tell you that winter light is THE MOST gorgeous and flattering light everrrrr in my space.

And so, in battling my own S.A.D., I invite you to let me do what I do best — helping YOU feel YOUR very best. Come out of your blanket cave — and step into my airy loft. I can promise you, it will be one of the most eye opening experiments you may do all year. HAPPY NEW YEAR DARLING